Sunday, January 10, 2010

thumbs, smiles and freedom

this past week with shirley has been wonderful! she is smiling and talking so much! check this out.

oh yeah. we got a flip video camera. its awesome!

anyway,back to shirley.

so, yes, shirley is smiling, cooing and lifting her head even more, but the best thing that has happened is that she has found her thumb. now, she can't find her thumb every time, but she finds it more and more often every day. yes, it is wonderful that she is quickly discovering her fingers and toes (she loves looking at her feet in the bathtub), but it is even more wonderful that soon we won't need to give her a pacifier (and pick it up and wash it off every time it falls out of her mouth) - she's got her thumb! last night she even fell asleep with her thumb in her mouth. it was adorable beyond words.

and lastly, today all 3 of us had our first family outing to the grocery store! shirley did great. she slept through most of it, but woke up towards the end. she was quiet and alert, and i think she really enjoyed all the new smells!


  1. This is great! I miss her so much! I feel like I am missing her growing up so fast!

  2. I love the big smiles followed by big yawns!! being shirley must be exhausting.