Monday, November 9, 2009

my little zombie

do you watch zombie movies? we do. and actually, when i was in the ldr (thats labor, delivery, recovery for you non-parentals) on halloween, sometimes numb and sometimes not (the epidural had to be re-administered after about an hour), we were watching zombie movies. kinda weird. anyway, i digress.

if you watch zombie movies, you know that zombies will try to eat whatever flesh is closest to their mouth, so if a zombie is coming after you and you try to push it away, it will just try to eat your hand or your arm or whatever limb you are pushing it away with. here is an example (from shaun of the dead - one of our favorite zombie movies):

this is pretty much what shirley does when she is hungry. her head sort of thrashes back and forth, she tries to eat your hand or your nose or whatever is near her mouth, and she makes grunting sort of noises - just a like a zombie!

shirley is my little zombie and i love her.


  1. Hey Tami! Love that you have a blog! Tim and I do, too!

    Shirley is ADORABLE. I am so, so happy for you guys! Let me know how you're feeling and when we can try to meet up! Enjoy every minute! Before you know it, she'll be 14 months, walking/talking and never ceasing to amaze you!

    Speaking of...someone's up from nap!

    KIMee=0) Saguinsin